Cloud over the Palouse

Rare cloudy sky view of the Palouse region from the Steptoe Butte

John Song Photography

I specialize in photography and cinematography of the beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape. Check out more of my work by visiting my Gallery page.

Painted Yellow Lilies

Photography mixed with digital hand painting

Sunrise at Mt. Rainer

Columbia River Waterfalls

Burning Bush

Rainier Timelapse

My Next Show – Issaquah Salmon Days

The show is coming up this weekend! I participated for the first time last year, and I loved the show! So, I am going back. For the revenue over number of hours perspective, this was the best show of the year last year. Short 2 days, but...

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Recap – Bellevue and Anacortes Art Shows

I would like to thank all of those who came to see me at the Bellevue and Anacortes art shows. Both were amazing shows and I met a lot of people as well as making lots of sales! I knew going in, that Bellevue was going to be the best show for the year, as that was the...

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Anacortes Art Festival

Come and see me at Anacortes Art Festival this weekend! This is my first year trying out this art festival, so I am not sure how it will go. But based on my conversations with other artist, this should be a great show. I will be at the booth 418W, which is between 4th...

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Enduring Love

I wanted to capture that "Lone Tree" in a closer and tighter frame. Based on watching how the Sun was moving the day before, I knew I wanted to capture the tree about 30min to 1 hour after the sunrise. I love capturing the trees backlit by the sun. It is technically...

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Fields of Gold

"You remember me, when the west wind moves, upon the fields of barley. You'll forget the sun, in his jealous sky,  as we walk in fields of gold" - STING I love that song. I sing that song quite often when I am walking alone out in the nature in a photo trip. It puts...

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A Lone Tree in Palouse

Palouse is a challenging place to photograph. I took probably 5 trips in the past 1 year, and while I was happy to capture some images of the rolling hills from the Steptoe Butte, I was never happy with the similar views of the rolling hills as everyone else was...

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Shi Shi Beach – Part I

Well, it was an adventure with a "twist". (Unfortunately the "twist" came on when I fell to the ground with a 50 lb pack and "twisted" my knee. :-( Good thing I had a friend like Vitali, otherwise I might not have made the trip at all. Note to self - try not to hike...

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Edmonds Art Festival – Reprise

Edmonds Art Festival was my first show last year when I first started photography business. It was a roller coaster ride and I learned a lot since. I will be back there again this year as an invited artist. Come and see me if you are free this weekend. Great way to...

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800 Miles and No Photo :-(

Some days you have keepers shot after shot and travel after travel. Some days you don't. :-( I went out to two different locations that are quite far from my house hoping to get some great shots. I've been to those two separate locations a few times. So I thought I...

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John Song Photography

Come visit my booth at the art fairs around Washington state.

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