My Next Show – Issaquah Salmon Days

The show is coming up this weekend!

I participated for the first time last year, and I loved the show! So, I am going back. For the revenue over number of hours perspective, this was the best show of the year last year. Short 2 days, but gazillion people coming to checkout the work and lots of sales. Great show! The weather was fantastic last year, in fact it was almost too hot for October weather!

It seems that it will be much cooler this year, but it looks like it will be generally sunny or only partly cloudy!

I will be at the same location as the last year, which is awesome! I didn’t even have to remake this below map, since it is the same as last year! :-) Come and see me! This will be my last show of the year for this year, as I decided not to do the Best of the Northwest this year.



Recap – Bellevue and Anacortes Art Shows

I would like to thank all of those who came to see me at the Bellevue and Anacortes art shows. Both were amazing shows and I met a lot of people as well as making lots of sales!

I knew going in, that Bellevue was going to be the best show for the year, as that was the case last year. It was my top grossing show. The show didn’t disappoint and I had fun at the show and had great sales!

The surprising part was actually the Anacortes show! In summary, it ended up being the best show of the year, beating the Bellevue show by a decent margin! I was quite shocked. I heard good things about the show, but I did not think I would have done better at this show. However, I did have a few customers who saw me at the Bellevue show but did not purchase, and when they saw me at the Anacortes show, they decided to pull the trigger the second time. I realized that this is quite common in my business. The customers might not purchase the first time they see me, but the artwork stays with them after the show, and they purchase from me later when they see me again.

Below is an obligatory photo that I must include as part of my blog posting :-)


This is another rendition of my “Burning Bush” photo that is quite popular with my customers. Ever since I took the picture of the tree 2-3 years ago, I’ve been going back to the park at non-Autumn time to capture the tree in a different mood. I even called up the garden and talked to the gardener about the tree. The funny thing is the gardener told me the tree is always red, as that is the type of the lace-leaf japanese maple tree it is, and it never turns green. I was disappointed as I thought I could capture it in green. But I don’t take no as an answer! So for about a year I studied various local japanese trees to understand how the color changes throughout the year.  I realized that there is a short window where if the weather is just right, even the perpetual red maple tree will turn green for a very small window. I timed it and went to the Garden and I was able to capture this. Note that I had to travel three times to actually get this image! The first two times, I drove 6 hours round trip to check out the tree and just turned around and went home. Once, because the tree color was not right, second because the lighting was not right. Those days are the frustrating days! But when I can pull it all together, it is magical!

I decided to call this peace “New Life” as that is what my 7 year old daughter wanted me to call it.  It comes after the “Burning Bush” in the fall and it dies for the winter, and in the spring it goes through the rebirth and the new life.

I hope you like it.

Anacortes Art Festival

Come and see me at Anacortes Art Festival this weekend! This is my first year trying out this art festival, so I am not sure how it will go. But based on my conversations with other artist, this should be a great show.

I will be at the booth 418W, which is between 4th and 5th street.


Enduring Love

I wanted to capture that “Lone Tree” in a closer and tighter frame. Based on watching how the Sun was moving the day before, I knew I wanted to capture the tree about 30min to 1 hour after the sunrise. I love capturing the trees backlit by the sun. It is technically very hard to do, but I love it when I can pull it off. It makes the tree like it is glowing.

I tried it from 14mm, 17mm and 24mm, and they all had its own unique look to it, but I decided that the 17mm was doing the justice for this shot.

I had a chance to sit directly under the tree and contemplate on life. (I do this often, which is the reason why I love traveling and enjoying the nature). The tree was so massive. Each trunk probably requires three people holding hands to go around it.

I realized that this was probably two trees growing side by side rather than a single tree. Two individual trees, but shares the same root. I decided to call it enduring love. For all the time and storms it weathered together, and how it grew old together, but still standing.


Fields of Gold

“You remember me, when the west wind moves, upon the fields of barley. You’ll forget the sun, in his jealous sky,  as we walk in fields of gold” – STING

I love that song. I sing that song quite often when I am walking alone out in the nature in a photo trip. It puts me into good mood. I especially love to sing that when I am out in the Palouse region. I love the quiet wind that blows through the wheat field. The sounds of the wheat rustling in the wind, and the soft wind on my face……I could just live in that moment forever. All the worries and stress of the world just seems to melt away and I feel small (in a good way) among the fields of barley (in this case wheat :-))

I wanted to capture the quite moment in a photograph and this was it. Pastel sunset. Green wheat starting to gold, and the moon up on the sky.



A Lone Tree in Palouse

Palouse is a challenging place to photograph. I took probably 5 trips in the past 1 year, and while I was happy to capture some images of the rolling hills from the Steptoe Butte, I was never happy with the similar views of the rolling hills as everyone else was getting from the same vantage point.

So, one friday afternoon I drove out to Palouse to capture the sunset at Steptoe Butte and the surrounding area. I was scoutting the area from the top with a 400mm lens, and I see this small tree in the distant place that looks very nice. I was trying to capture it from the top of the Steptoe butte, but it did not turn out as well as I hoped.

So the next morning, I decided to go find this tree and see if I can get a close up picture of it. I also brought a spotting scope, so I could further see the area and I got myself generally familiar with the surrounding area. Then I was starting to drive randomly but somewhat towards that direction. I wasn’t sure where it was, but I remember that I had to cross a bridge, a sign and a funny looking house on the left.

I found it. Parked the car next to the bridge and started to walk. After about 20 minutes into it I gave up. I was following the drainage/irrigation ditch, and it was a hard walk. I was soaked up to my waist due to the morning dews on the grass and other plants, plus the muddy shoes. I guess if I could have cut through the wheat field, it would have been shorter walk, but I did not want to walk into someone else’s field.

So, I decided to drive back to the Steptoe and see if I can see another way in from the top. Then I ran into Vitali sleeping in his car!  So, we both decided to figure out where this tree is, and we do eventually find it after consulting maps, GPS and spotting scope. Apparently there is a little dirt road that you can take straight up to the tree! So, much for my walking along the drainage ditch idea…

We took million pictures around it, but around the sunset, the below image is what I captured. It is a time lapse merge of the same scene. one shot right after the sunset, and another shot a couple hours later when the stars came out.





Shi Shi Beach – Part I

Well, it was an adventure with a “twist”.

(Unfortunately the “twist” came on when I fell to the ground with a 50 lb pack and “twisted” my knee. :-( Good thing I had a friend like Vitali, otherwise I might not have made the trip at all. Note to self – try not to hike to a faraway place without any buddies. You might have to cut your arm off to come home :-))

I have not had a chance to process the photos, but I took a quick video of the final night, so I will share that with you. This was during the sunset on Saturday night. Surprisingly  there were like 10 photographers lined up taking the pictures of the same sunset. Most of them came together as a group from Colorado to tour the Pacific Northwest. I wish them well and hope they had many keepers to take home.  I know trips like that are expensive money and time wise.

[Note- I am not very good at video capturing and editing, so the video does not look nearly impressive as it was in person, but I think it does some justice to the night. Everyone thought it looked like there was some kind of volcano eruption across the ocean.]

Edmonds Art Festival – Reprise

Edmonds Art Festival was my first show last year when I first started photography business. It was a roller coaster ride and I learned a lot since. I will be back there again this year as an invited artist. Come and see me if you are free this weekend. Great way to buy your Dad a father’s day gift! :-)

Event – Edmonds Art Festival

Location – Frances Anderson Cultural Center. 700 Main Street Edmonds, WA 98020

Time –  June 14-16, 2013. Friday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Sunday, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m

My Booth Location – 810 (Near the Play Area)



800 Miles and No Photo :-(

Some days you have keepers shot after shot and travel after travel. Some days you don’t. :-(

I went out to two different locations that are quite far from my house hoping to get some great shots. I’ve been to those two separate locations a few times. So I thought I timed the visit well, but it wasn’t so. Bad lights, and bad vegetation (all dried up). Normally I tried to make something out of that trip, but I really did not get any keepers worth posting.

Times like this can be quite frustrating, but that is part of nature photography. You are at the mercy of the nature and God’s timing.

(Since I don’t generally post a blog without a photo, here is obligatory photo. I love the COLOR of this composition.)


My First Show of the Year!

Hi folks,

Long time no chat, since my last show late last year! I am excited to kick off my sophomore year!

My first show of the year is at the U-District Street Fair 2013 this weekend. Come and see me!

Map of the fair, and the location of my booth is shown below – Booth 16 in GREEN Zone. Near the corner of NE 5oth St and 15th Ave NE.