I wanted to capture that “Lone Tree” in a closer and tighter frame. Based on watching how the Sun was moving the day before, I knew I wanted to capture the tree about 30min to 1 hour after the sunrise. I love capturing the trees backlit by the sun. It is technically very hard to do, but I love it when I can pull it off. It makes the tree like it is glowing.

I tried it from 14mm, 17mm and 24mm, and they all had its own unique look to it, but I decided that the 17mm was doing the justice for this shot.

I had a chance to sit directly under the tree and contemplate on life. (I do this often, which is the reason why I love traveling and enjoying the nature). The tree was so massive. Each trunk probably requires three people holding hands to go around it.

I realized that this was probably two trees growing side by side rather than a single tree. Two individual trees, but shares the same root. I decided to call it enduring love. For all the time and storms it weathered together, and how it grew old together, but still standing.