I would like to thank all of those who came to see me at the Bellevue and Anacortes art shows. Both were amazing shows and I met a lot of people as well as making lots of sales!

I knew going in, that Bellevue was going to be the best show for the year, as that was the case last year. It was my top grossing show. The show didn’t disappoint and I had fun at the show and had great sales!

The surprising part was actually the Anacortes show! In summary, it ended up being the best show of the year, beating the Bellevue show by a decent margin! I was quite shocked. I heard good things about the show, but I did not think I would have done better at this show. However, I did have a few customers who saw me at the Bellevue show but did not purchase, and when they saw me at the Anacortes show, they decided to pull the trigger the second time. I realized that this is quite common in my business. The customers might not purchase the first time they see me, but the artwork stays with them after the show, and they purchase from me later when they see me again.

Below is an obligatory photo that I must include as part of my blog posting :-)


This is another rendition of my “Burning Bush” photo that is quite popular with my customers. Ever since I took the picture of the tree 2-3 years ago, I’ve been going back to the park at non-Autumn time to capture the tree in a different mood. I even called up the garden and talked to the gardener about the tree. The funny thing is the gardener told me the tree is always red, as that is the type of the lace-leaf japanese maple tree it is, and it never turns green. I was disappointed as I thought I could capture it in green. But I don’t take no as an answer! So for about a year I studied various local japanese trees to understand how the color changes throughout the year.  I realized that there is a short window where if the weather is just right, even the perpetual red maple tree will turn green for a very small window. I timed it and went to the Garden and I was able to capture this. Note that I had to travel three times to actually get this image! The first two times, I drove 6 hours round trip to check out the tree and just turned around and went home. Once, because the tree color was not right, second because the lighting was not right. Those days are the frustrating days! But when I can pull it all together, it is magical!

I decided to call this peace “New Life” as that is what my 7 year old daughter wanted me to call it.  It comes after the “Burning Bush” in the fall and it dies for the winter, and in the spring it goes through the rebirth and the new life.

I hope you like it.