Well, it was an adventure with a “twist”.

(Unfortunately the “twist” came on when I fell to the ground with a 50 lb pack and “twisted” my knee. :-( Good thing I had a friend like Vitali, otherwise I might not have made the trip at all. Note to self – try not to hike to a faraway place without any buddies. You might have to cut your arm off to come home :-))

I have not had a chance to process the photos, but I took a quick video of the final night, so I will share that with you. This was during the sunset on Saturday night. Surprisingly  there were like 10 photographers lined up taking the pictures of the same sunset. Most of them came together as a group from Colorado to tour the Pacific Northwest. I wish them well and hope they had many keepers to take home.  I know trips like that are expensive money and time wise.

[Note- I am not very good at video capturing and editing, so the video does not look nearly impressive as it was in person, but I think it does some justice to the night. Everyone thought it looked like there was some kind of volcano eruption across the ocean.]